Eric was born in Redlands California. His ancestors came west on the Oregon Trail in the mid 1800s and settled near Porterville and Salt Lake City, Utah. Many of the men of his family became physicians, possibly possibly because some of his ancestors were rugged pioneer women who served as prairie doctors during the western migration.

" I later moved to Washington D.C. because my stepfather was a White House news reporter. I got to meet Presidents, Congressmen, Senators and ambassadors. There were a lot of important people around the house sometimes.” He often served as a typewriter caddy for his reporter stepfather, traveling on the Presidential press plane with him on his never ending trips covering U.S. Presidents in faraway places. “I was a pretty good athlete when I was a kid. I played football, baseball, soccer, and was a bit of a ringer in tennis. Dad was very competitive and we took on quite a few world leaders on the tennis court. Great fun!”

Eric received his BA from the University of Redlands in Philosophy and History. It was there he discovered he had a sudden interest in acting. He went on to complete a MFA degree at The Catholic University of America. He began his television career in Washington D.C. and success took him to New York and eventually Los Angeles. Visit his Actor page to find out more.

In recent years he has developed a passion for writing. He is now an award-winning author of historical fiction for middle grade readers. To learn more about The Last Ride of Caleb O'Toole and The Secret Mission of William Tuck, go to the Author page.

Eric was a Big Brother in the Big Brothers’ of Greater Los Angeles for many years. He has visited dozens of schools across the country and his charity, Kids Need To Read, provides books for children who cannot afford them. To learn more click on the Teachers page.