Eric Pierpoint is an award winning author of historical fiction for middle readers. His first novel, The Last Ride of Caleb O'Toole, won the MPIBA award for best children’s book. His new Revolutionary War adventure, The Secret Mission of William Tuck, has just received the prized Kirkus Star review.

As a professional actor, Eric has been on stage, screen, and television for years. You’ve seen him in popular films like Holes, Liar Liar, The World’s Fastest Indian, Forever Young and Transformers II. He’s also appeared in many of your favorite television shows from Parks And Recreation, Star Trek, CSI, and Hart Of Dixie, to Hill Street Blues, Fame, and Alien Nation.


Eric now lives happily in the beautiful and rustic hills of Topanga.

“Here, there’s nothing but owls, crickets, and coyotes. I can just put my feet up and write!”

Of course his dog and faithful companion Joey gets attention, playtime and treats. He even has his own page on this site. As he becomes more popular he may begin asking for an increased treat "allowance".

He has several screenplays to his credit and, with Joey’s help, his second novel The Secret Mission of William Tuck was released in September 2015.

What Young Readers Have To Say....


Girls and boys ages 11 -14 will enjoy this book.  Caleb’s story may seem like it’s written for boys, but it shows that no matter if you are a boy or a girl, the Oregon Trail shows no mercy!"--10 Year Old Reader & Mensa Member Cali Matthews

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